End of life storytelling

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End of life storytelling gives you the unique opportunity to leave more than a name in a book.

Have you ever looked at the family tree and wondered what it was like to know more about that person? What if you could find out if there was more to your connection to an Aunt than hair and eye colour? How many of us have hidden tales in the family that get lost, withered and weathered over time?

Family trees and genealogy are beautiful arts. But they will never replace the vivid life, colour and sound of someone sharing their story.

With end of life storytelling, you can leave the gift of your presence for loved ones and generations to come. 

We are natural storytellers

The uncle that always knows how to whip up the yarn about the drover’s dog isn’t the only story teller in the family. We all leave a trail of life, love and indecisions and our wake. So why not have that at our wake and beyond?

Part of learning about ourselves is looking deeply at the past and the present. We use story telling to help share the pain, carry the hardship and invite people to the joy of life.


Here are some of the reasons why you should consider working with me to explore end of life storytelling:

I can help you create a written, photographic and/or podcast end of life storytelling experience

We can immerse others in your story of life, love and what it means to be you

Leaving your story behind gives tangible parts of you remaining long after you are gone

The sound of your voice, the way you phrase words when speaking, the parts of personality that make you special are all captured in the story

Just as journaling and art therapy have been found to aid in healing, the sharing of your story could allow for peace of mind at end of life

Creating a safe space to grieve, mourn and explore during tragedy, suicide, sudden events and those moments where life implodes in the most spectacular way.

Highlighting the subjects that remain in the shadows of our lives in a respectful way.

Understanding why we do the things we do can be a freeing experience

Sharing your story without judgement and in a safe, supportive environment can help you share it with others

Use your imagination to be the hero of story books your great, great grand kids will treasure

We all deserve to leave more than a name and a date of birth and death as our legacy. End of life storytelling allows you to do that.

Interested in working on end of life storytelling skills?

We can work online or in person (subject to travel fees for anyone outside Sydney and the Illawarra). I will work with you to write your story in the way that suits you.

Ideas on the ways we can capture your story:

  • Through written stories and poetry
  • Recorded podcast of spoken word
  • As an interview series in audio and/or written form
  • Scrapbook with mementos, story and photographs
  • Via photo journal
  • As a website of collected story and family history keepsake

I can help you by writing your story or help you uncover your own end of life storytelling skills. The choice is yours! 

Each story is priced per scope. Each story includes research and interviews as well as writing and/or production time.

Want a more hands on experience? I can also teach you the fundamentals of assembling your story for others in workshop form.

What is your story? Let’s find out! 

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