Hear stories from the Australian end-of-life scene via podcast

What is a good death? Podcast edition

Are you a fan of podcasts? Why not check one out on the end-of-life and death literacy scene in Australia? Interviewing the legends, lives and loves of all those that deal with the frontline of end-of-life is the name of the game.

We explore the places where people often don’t shine the light including subjects such as:

  • Facing illness and injury – from life limiting diagnosis through to lifelong disability, we explore what it is like to navigate all kinds of health impacts
  • Death and dying – looking at everything from death doulas through to palliative care and more
  • Stress and stress reduction– looking at the practical strategies to navigate life and reduce the impact of the hurly burly days in which we dwell
  • Social exclusion – dealing with separation from family, segregation via lifestyle and creating alternative communities in end-of-life
  • Mental health – taking aim at the myths and mythology surrounding mental health issues and stress after a life ending diagnosis
  • Investigating your options – working through the process to understand what is the difference between quality and quantity when it comes to life

The aim of this death literacy podcast is to build a library of stories and perspectives to help us make better, stronger choices in end-of-life scenarios. And to understand a myriad of different perspectives.

You don’t have to like someone to help someone- and this is about providing a safe space to share those stories. You can explore all facets of death literacy in a safe and supportive environment- and in the comfort of your own home. 

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