In Australia, it may shock you to know that even though 70% of Australians want to die at home, less than one in five achieve that goal. Less than 1 in 6 Australians have care plans in place. This creates enormous stress for families, friends, carers – and on the individual when we can no longer advocate for ourselves.

Unashamedly Six wants to change that. We’re working with valued partners and community organisations to help create a safety net for Australians at end-of-life and put dignity and choice back into the lives of every individual.

No matter the circumstances, we want Australians to feel supported and heard. Join us as we encourage Australia to make the greatest last impression of all.

What does this campaign entail?

The Last Great Impression empowers ordinary Australians the opportunity to make end-of-life as stress-free and individualistic as you are.
It’s about opening the door to the question: What would you like the last impression you make on this planet to look like?

We aim to:

  • Provide easy access to information to help more Australians understand what is required on a planning level when it comes to end-of-life
  • Offer easy to follow prompts to start the conversation around end-of-life for maximum effect
  • Encourage critical thinking about what risks are worth it to preserve dignity and choice. And defining what quality of life means from person-to-person
  • Collate all the many options available when it comes to end-of-life in one easy to use place and meeting the growing interest for end-of-life information
  • Normalise leaving family and friends with a positive, self-reflective and memorable impression of end-of-life (instead of the stress, trauma and familial friction often associated with death in Australia currently)
  • Allow Australians the space to personalise their end-of-life experience well beyond the standard funeral arrangements or estate division fare.


Check out how you can make your great last impression now.