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We often ask ourselves what it means to have a good life.

Why not ask what it means to have a good death? 

Let’s explore what a good death means together. 


What does it mean to have a good death?

Did you know that there are so many people in the Baby Boomer generation that it will be physically impossible for all Australians to die in a medical environment? 

Given the chance, is that what you would want for your last moments on earth anyway? 

A good death explores the idea of self-advocacy. By defining what it means to have a good death, you can: 

Understand your choices in relation to dying at home 

Create meaningful choices about your end-of-life care 
Uncover resources for advance care and funeral planning

Plan contingencies in the face of a life limiting or terminal diagnosis 

Capture your life’s story on your own terns 

Celebrate your life with send off parties and customised funerals

Enter the last phase of life with confidence and dignity.   



Define a good death 


Read the blogs, articles and stories that plumb the depths and death in life.


Leave more than a branch on the family tree with the story of your life and times


Uncover the art of marketing death literacy 


Listen to stories of a good death via the podcast


Learn how to use art, writing and sound as therapy in a workshop setting to reduce stress & share your tricky stories


Plan an end of life that is a reflection of who you are and on your own terms with a trusted ally

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Rebekah Lambert

Rebekah Lambert


Content creator | Idea juggler | Stigma stomper | Mental health advocate | Community builder | Listener | End of Life Doula | Counselling student

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Gibson Berndog

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George Lamberndog

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What People Are Saying

“Rebekah knows her stuff. Brilliant, creative and informative, Bek has crafted a way forward for our organisation that has brought workable solutions to our big picture planning.”
Belinda Brooks

Doula and death literacy advocate

“Extremely helpful, down to earth, and speaks my language. Highly recommended!”
Sarah K. Reece

Artist, Writer, Trainer, Community Development Consultant, Mental health advocate

“I thoroughly enjoyed the death doula marketing workshop and will definitely feedback to you any thoughts I have in the coming months as I attempt to put this info into practice.”
Karen Scull

End of Life Doula in Training

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