Flip the Script on End-of-Life and Traumatic Death

Welcome to Unashamedly Six’s latest campaign, “Flip the Script,” a bold endeavour aimed at reshaping the conversation around end-of-life experiences to include situations where family support may be scarce or when death comes as a surprise.

Why should you Flip the Script?

Our aim is to disrupt the conventional view of death in Australia, which is often centred around the family. “Flip the Script” encourages individuals to think about dying well, even in difficult situations of estrangement or separation from family, or in cases of unexpected death.

Unashamedly Six does this by:

Talking about “Flipping the Script when death doesn’t go according to plan” at Lifting the Lid, the 2023 International Festival for Death and Dying.

Encouraging you to learn about and adopt village-style planning. And giving you content and conversation prompts to help plan your end-of-life experience like a village, not reliant solely on family or set services.

Creating an inclusive death dialogue. Our goal is to encourage you to embrace the end-of-life experience, dying, and death as integral aspects of your identity and cultural background, no matter your situation.

Our aim is to:

•  Encourage people to think about death outside the confines of old ageing
•  Shine a light on individuals facing the end of life without the typical family support structure
•  Normalise community deathcare to activate neighbourhoods and create a supportive community network
•  Create a safe space for individuals who have experienced traumatic deaths to share their stories and find support

Join us in “Flipping the Script” on end-of-life experiences.

Let’s reshape the narrative and build a supportive community together.

Additionally, we aim to:

  • Provide easy access to information to help more Australians understand what is required on a planning level when it comes to end-of-life
  • Offer easy to follow prompts to start the conversation around end-of-life for maximum effect
  • Encourage critical thinking about what risks are worth it to preserve dignity and choice. And defining what quality of life means from person-to-person
  • Collate all the many options available when it comes to end-of-life in one easy to use place and meeting the growing interest for end-of-life information
  • Normalise leaving family and friends with a positive, self-reflective and memorable impression of end-of-life (instead of the stress, trauma and familial friction often associated with death in Australia currently)
  • Allow Australians the space to personalise their end-of-life experience well beyond the standard funeral arrangements or estate division fare.


Check out how you can flip the script on death now.