Unashamedly Six is excited to present “Flip the Script: What to Do When Death Doesn’t Go According to Plan” at Lifting the Lid, the International Festival of Death and Dying, running from November 17th to 20th, 2023.

Lifting the Lid, now in its third year, is a unique online festival delving into everything related to death and dying. Through conversations, workshops, art sessions, music, and more, it aims to break taboos surrounding these topics and foster open discussions about mortality in a safe and inclusive environment.

Join us for insightful talks, engaging workshops, and interactive sessions led by experts, educators, artists, and death workers. Explore various cultural perspectives, rituals, and practices related to death, gaining valuable insights into end-of-life care, planning, grief, bereavement, eco options, and beyond.

Unashamedly Six focuses on “Flipping the Script” by encouraging village-style planning for end-of-life experiences. Embrace the opportunity to plan your journey without relying solely on family or set services. Our goal is to foster an inclusive death dialogue, urging you to view the end-of-life experience as an integral aspect of your identity and cultural background.

Key event details:

  • Date and Time: November 17, 07:00-08:00 GMT (18:00-19:00 AEDT)
  • Explore deaths without family, traumatic or unexpected deaths, and premature deaths.
  • Normalize community deathcare and create a safe space for those who have experienced a rougher death.
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Join us in reshaping the narrative around end-of-life experiences. Let’s build a supportive community together.

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