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About A Good Death

Death literacy matters. Walking around the subjects we tend to avoid is no way to reduce the fear and impact they have on our lives. Indeed, it may very well be our silence that creates the bigger gaps for us to fall into.

This is where having a healthy approach to our end-of-life options and death literacy come in.

True death literacy recognises knowledge provides the opportunity to make informed choices. It is about creating access to research, building supportive networks and advocating for the right to a good death. All while planning for contingency and reality.

It’s also about using the power of writing and podcasting to create a safe space to explore commonly overlooked, under-reported and misunderstood ideas about end-of-life care and the funeral industry. We face the tricky stories about death and tough conversations to help create connectivity and alleviate pain.

It is also about using creativity and creative approaches to help people facing end-of-life, traumatic losses and the idea of mortality to share their stories and uncover comfort in the process.

What is a good death in a death literacy context?

This project was built out of 3 distinct ideas:

Recognising that everyone has a story to tell.

Creating a safe space to grieve, mourn and explore during tragedy, suicide, sudden events and those moments where life implodes in the most spectacular way.

Highlighting the subjects that remain in the shadows of our lives in a respectful way.

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Write the story that is your life for your family to enjoy. Be more than a branch on a family tree. Leave your story along with your legacy. 


Never let them forget the sound of a voice after your gone. Let’s record an intimate mementos your family can listen to for a lifetime.


Learn how you can craft your own version of a good death by making use of information and the experiences of others through death literacy. 


Tap into your feelings through creativity. Work on a creative legacy project or explore creative works as therapy. The choice is yours.


Be an empowered member of the death literacy movement. Learn how to discuss death literacy with grace and finesse with this dedicated communications course

A good death

Plan your end of life and leave with an ally by your side to support you all the way. Uncover your version of a good death and build a roadmap towards it

What is your version of a good death?

Are you facing a life limiting or life ending diagnosis and want your family, loved ones and the world to know who you are and to remember you for all times?

Do you want to be able to share what it is like to move on your emotional landscape? Do you want to discover healthy, creative releases to tell your story?

Would you like someone to help improve your ability to navigate end-of-life through death literacy?

Or are you looking for someone to help you articulate your wishes?

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